helping the homeless and disadvantaged







Crawley Open House provides support and services for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion.


Our support is available to anyone in need.





***CHARITY FEAST 2014***

(2013 events raised nearly £2000)

The East Grinstead Justice and Peace Group are holding four fundraising events. These are great, friendly, sociable evenings with delicious food.

£7.50 of the £15 paid for a meal at any of the below restaurants, on the fundraising nights, will go towards the following 4 causes:


Tue 7 October  

THE SWAN, Forest Row (English food)

Tel: 01342 822318


Mon 13 Oct

ROOCHI, Forest Row (Indian food)

Tel: 01342 825251


Tue 21 Oct

MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE, East Grinstead (Italian food)

Tel: 01342 303333


Mon 27 Oct

TARANA, Lingfield (Indian & Thai food)

Tel: 01342 832222


To book a table please contact the restaurant and know that you will be supporting local charities whilst having a great night out!






Crawley Open House is proud to be a part of the Local Assistance Network which is helping people in crisis situations. We are in the position to be able to offer assistance to adults, couples or families where the youngest child is of secondary school age that have no other way of getting assistance and:

  • live in Crawley;

  • are on benefits or a low income;

  • are facing an unforeseen emergency or disaster that puts them or their family at risk of harm;

  • need help moving into or remaining in the community;

  • can provide evidence of who they are and why they need help.

We are able to offer this support in our day centre, Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.


For details of other members of the Local Assistance Network with the responsibility for helping Crawley based families and people living outside of Crawley then please click here.




What changes have been made?
In April 2013 the Government  changed the way it helps people in crisis situations. Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants are no longer  available from Job Centre Plus.

West Sussex County Council have introduced a new scheme to support people in West Sussex called the Local Assistance Network. It provides immediate short-term aid to help protect a personís welfare by preventing a crisis.

The Local Assistance Network
West Sussex County Council are working with a large number of organisations who can provide assistance to people who might previously have qualified for a Crisis Loan or Community Care Grant.

The assistance covers a range of basic needs, in many cases from charitable sources. Generally this will involve help to access appropriate goods or services. While the types of goods and services may vary depending on which organisation people contact, they all follow these key principles:

  • no cash or financial assistance is provided;

  • no help is available to meet housing costs or other debts; and

  • any assistance offered is on a discretionary basis, meaning no one will be entitled to help.

The types of goods and services that the Local Assistance Network can support people with  includes food from food-banks, furniture recycling schemes, or vouchers to get personal and household goods such as nappies, cooking equipment, clothes or help with transport and fuel costs.


If you do not live in West Sussex then contact your local council to see how they can help you.















We are looking to find a volunteer with an educational background to support literacy classes on a Monday afternoon between 2:00pm and 3:30pm.


If you would to discuss this post then please contact Glenn on (01293) 447720.






We currently have very low levels of sugar. As you can imagine, we serve many thousands of cups of tea and coffee and most of those have two sugars. A kind donation has supplied enough to get us through this week but we would be very grateful for any that you

might be able to spare to keep us going through the weeks to come.


Thank you for your continued support in helping us to help the

homeless and disadvantaged.