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1. Who are you and what did you do before you joined us at Crawley Open House? 

My name is Rob, and I'm a Hostel worker for COH. I joined in April 2022. 

I have done a lot over the years, retail work, working behind a bar at a golf club, and warehouses. Just before COH, I was on an apprenticeship in housing management at Crawley Borough Council, which started just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and when that ended, I worked a little while at Tesco, until the spot at COH opened up.

2. How will you help our clients in your current position? 

I am a bit of everything, Security guard, cleaner, cook, advisor, life coach, ear to listen. The hostel team is the glue that keeps things together for both COH and our clients, as such we are always doing something new and different for those, we help.


3. Are you originally from Crawley? How did you hear about COH? 

I was originally born in Portsmouth, from a Scottish family, so I'm from two very far apart points of the land. 


I obviously knew of COH somewhat from my time in Crawley Borough Council, but I was at the time, streaming from time to time on, and decided to host a charity stream, and COH was one of two i attempted to raise money for. 


4. Why choose to work at COH? 

Thats a big question with a big answer. 


Short answer, I felt guilty for things I had done in the past, or for not doing more to help people, and this is what led me to my apprenticeship in social housing, and then to COH. 


5. What were some of your expectations before joining COH? 

I would do and see challenging things, working with sometimes challenging people, who might not even like me, but that it didn't matter, as long as I could be some small part of helping them get to where they need to be, it would be worth it.


6. What are some of the goals you would like to achieve at COH? 

I just want to see each of our residents leave us and move on to a new start in life, healthier both physically and mentally.


7. Like at any job, working at COH can become stressful sometimes, so what do you do for fun?  

Oh dear, another big question. 


Too much and not enough. I'm a painter and illustrator, writer, both fiction and non-fiction, I own and run an indie videogame website with a staff of volunteer writers, I have over 1000 books, 800 DVDs, 200 Blu-ray, and a growing collection of 4K Blu-ray, covering classics from the 30's up to now, world cinema, animated, film and tv. And I have a physical and digital collection of over 4000 videogames, across 20+ consoles over 7 generations. 


I'm also a hell of a baker, mostly cakes, but I can get some other nice treats together when I need to. 


A self-portrait of Rob

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