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A DAY IN THE LIFE....Mycall Ebanks

Name – Mycall Ebanks


Position – Hostel Manager


What do you do in your role


My role is to ensure the smooth running of the hostel from day to day. The role is varied in its’ responsibilities. I oversee a team of Project Workers who check in with and keywork clients on a weekly basis and I liaise regularly with external agencies such as police, landlords, and various other services. I ensure that the maintenance of the hostel is up to a good standard and deal with relevant contractors to fix any issues noticed.


I ensure that the menus from day to day provide a healthy and nutritious diet for our residents and that the general environment of Crawley Open House is a welcoming community for all.


What does a standard day consist of


When I arrive at the hostel in the morning I will lead my team in the morning handover where we will discuss any risks or concerns that need to be addressed and the upcoming tasks for the day. I’ll speak with clients about how they’re doing and support them in any manner they need. I’ll discuss care plans going forward with my colleagues and we’ll make decisions in regards to the best care for them and action these as appropriate.


Best thing about your job


Helping people to reach their goals and potential


What is a lasting memory that stands out


I worked with a young man, who was entrenched in addiction and street homelessness for many years who often presented with challenging behaviours. After a period of time working with him, he began to trust our team and eventually took up a recovery option where he is now resident. I check in weekly with the staff there and he is now abstinent from substances and clean from medication replacement as well and is well on his way to beating his long addiction. Having helped this young man to achieve this has been a point of pride and happiness.


Why do you work at Crawley Open House 

Working at Crawley Open House has given me the opportunity and privilege to help people who are vulnerable and in need of support.

We are talking to members of the Crawley Open House team to get an insight in to working life at Crawley Open House.

Mycall is the Hostel Manager

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