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How 'The Bag Issue' is now helping homeless woman make a living on the streets

Second chances are hard to come by in life and even harder while living on the streets.

Claire Boulton has grasped the lifeline given to her by 'The Bag Issue' to design bags to sell to the public.

In just two weeks the 28-year-old has moved on from a place of sadness, anger and despair to being the happiest she has been for years.

She helps design and sell cotton bags with Kevin World who is also homeless and started up the bag selling business with Greg Wright earlier this year.

They met seven years ago when Claire first became homeless at 20 and sees Kevin as a 'father figure'.

Kevin’s story of designing and selling bags on the streets has spread across the Atlantic and led to orders from Canada and the United States.

There were over 100 orders for the cotton bags on The Bag Issue website and it took a couple of weeks for Kevin to satisfy the demand, something he found very difficult.

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