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Becoming homeless can happen easier than you might think

On the night of April 23, 2018, Paul prepared to spend his first night as a homeless person in a park surrounded by properties worth upwards of £1.5 million. He had managed to find a spot in Sidney Square, Whitechapel, east London.

A number of events over the previous few years, including the death of his mum and subsequent depression, eventually resulted in him being evicted from his nearby home. Since then, Paul, 45, has been on a remarkable journey that has seen him get back on his feet and on the verge of moving into his own flat. After his ordeal last year, he has also secured a job as a caretaker at a primary school. He wants to share his story so people can understand how easily someone can become homeless and what can be done to help. After things fell apart for him, Paul was one of around record numbers of 170,000 people sleeping rough in the capital.

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