How a millionaire real estate developer welcomed a homeless couple into his $4 million California mansion to show people living on the streets aren't 'contagious' - and they are still living with him a YEAR later

February 7, 2020

A millionaire has welcomed a homeless couple into his $4 million mansion in California to show people that living on the streets isn't 'contagious'. 


Greg Dunston, a former security guard injured on the job, and Marie Mckinzie, a former cashier and certified nurse assistant, lived on the streets of Oakland, California, for a decade before generous Bay Area homeowner Terry McGrath offered them a roof over their heads.


McGrath gave the couple the in-law unit of his mansion in the upper-class Piedmont neighborhood after seeing a story that was published about them in the San Francisco Chronicle in January 2019.


Otis Taylor, a journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle, told ABC News last year there is huge disparity in the Bay Area between the wealthy and the homeless.

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