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Homeless man catches child from burning Leighton Buzzard building

A homeless man has caught a toddler in his sleeping bag after she was lowered from the first floor window of a burning building.

Jason Barry, a rough sleeper in Leighton Buzzard, "rushed" to help, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said.

Mr Barry saw the incident, in North Street, on Tuesday when three members of the same family were also rescued.

The service has thanked him for his "brave efforts".

A spokeswoman said the fire was believed to have been started by a cooking appliance on the first floor kitchen of a three storey home.

The three other family members were "led to safety" by firefighters, she added.

His actions have been praised on the service's Facebook page.

One said: "Well done Jason, heroes come from all walks of life."

"That's just amazing beyond belief and goes to show you don't have to have money, a car or house to have compassion," said another.

"We're proud of you, thank you so much" was another remark.

Chief fire officer Paul Fuller said: "I would like to thank Jason for his brave efforts.

"In a life-threatening incident like this, quick actions are key to saving lives, and for that he should be incredibly proud."

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