Homeless man's birthday gift to the woman who befriended him

June 10, 2020

A Slough based nurse has received a birthday present she will never forget - from a homeless man she met professionally who became a friend.


Claire Williams, 33, who lives in Burnham, first got to know Stephen Boyd - known to some as Gruffy - while she was part of the nursing team at Herschel Medical Centre in Slough. He needed regular treatment over a nine year period and often talked to Claire about his life.


She said: "Stephen was sleeping in a graveyard near to the surgery with a friend of his for over 20 years. He’d often share stories of how he’d been beaten up and frequently had the little that he had stolen from him. I used to take clothing, food parcels and presents in for his birthday, Christmas and other occasions so he knew he wasn’t forgotten.


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