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Tenants move into £3.7m housing development built to tackle homelessness

Young people on the cusp of homelessness have begun moving into the apartments of a new £3.7m housing scheme in Salford.

Tenants have moved into a new 12 apartment development on Haddon Road, Eccles, as part of the first phase of the homeless prevention scheme by housing manager ForHousing.

The one bedroom homes are aimed at people who face being left with nowhere to live for a variety of reasons and are let at a low-cost sub-social rent.

Chloe Fox, 21, is one of the first tenants of the scheme. She moved into her apartment after she had to leave the home she was sharing with her sister.

Before being referred to ForHousing and given a flat at Haddon Road she was living in a bed and breakfast for a short while and in a homeless shelter where she shared a space with 30 other people

Chloe said: “I am really pleased with my flat, I love my own space and feel I can live independently for the first time. The flat is really nice and I can be my own person there.”

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