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Millions Of Americans Are About To Be Homeless, And It’s Totally Preventable

he federal moratorium on evictions expired last Friday, ending protections for nearly 12 million Americans. This Friday, 25 million people will stop receiving an extra $600 in weekly coronavirus relief in their unemployment benefits.

And on Saturday, rent is due for millions of Americans who won’t be able to pay.

If Congress doesn’t step in, these people could be evicted come September. And the worst part is that this looming crisis is completely avoidable. All lawmakers need to do is take quick and decisive action by extending the moratorium and additional unemployment benefits as the pandemic crisis continues. But that’s yet to happen.

On Monday, Senate Republicans unveiled a new COVID-19 relief package that did not include an eviction moratorium, in spite of urging from Democrats. While negotiations are ongoing, time is running out.

“We have the power to stop the coming avalanche of evictions during this pandemic that will hit Black, brown and poor communities the worst ― and we’ve already waited too long to act,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told HuffPost on Tuesday evening.

“Senate Republicans have proposed giveaways to big banks and defense contractors but almost no support to help families keep their homes,” added Warren, who last month introduced legislation that would extend the eviction moratorium until March 2021. “The next relief package must include my bill to extend and expand the eviction moratorium.”

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