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Manchester charity's stark warning that a homeless 'avalanche' is coming - and soon

The founder of Manchester-based charity has warned the UK could see a “homelessness avalanche” in the coming months after the furlough scheme and a ban on evictions come to an end.

Gary Dunstan, who co-founded the Street Support Network, said he “predicts really grim things towards the back end of this year when all of [the government support] comes crashing down”.

“I think there’s going to be lots of new people who are going to be made homeless,” he said.

“If you look at the number of universal credit applications, they’re through the roof and [millions of] private renters have missed rent payments, or expect to do so, so there’s going to be a massive pressure on the rental market.

“Loads of people not paying rent and not paying bills, but how long can that go on?

“There’s an even bigger demand for rental properties and landlords will say okay, if you can’t pay somebody else will.

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