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Back from the brink: How homeless, suicidal man finally found his true calling

Last year Chris Wilcox was struggling so desperately with his mental health that he was close to ending his own life.

He had been on what he described as a "downward spiral" in the years following his mum's death, when he was just 15 years old.

Chris said: "It was 2012 when my mum got cancer, she went into remission about a year later and then a few months after that she found it had come back. She didn't last a lot longer after that, just a few months.

"I was living with my gran at the time and me and my gran did not get along at all, so it was a very rough home living situation.

"My dad had offered me a place in Barnsley after my mum died, but that all fell through so I had to stay for two years at my gran's, which did horrible, horrible things to my mental health."

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