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Homeless man who feared he'd die in his Penzance tent just months ago is off to college

When we met Bernie Smith in the streets of Penzance nearly one year ago, he was in a terrible place.

Bernie, who grew up in both Bristol and Cornwall, was just a boy when he ended up on the streets after being kicked out of the family home by his stepfather.

The 30-year-old had effectively been homeless for the past 15 years, fearing that if he did not get help soon, he would freeze to death in his tent.

Bernie was pitched near a supermarket in Penzance. During his waking hours, he kept himself occupied by watching films on his phone in his tent.

But after a spell of bad weather, Bernie decided enough was enough. He visited the St Petrocs homeless charity drop-in centre in Penzance to seek advice on how to get off the streets.

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