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Our day here starts with the hostel residents getting up, dressed and having breakfast before the hostel closes at 10:30 am. Whilst everyone must leave their room, and then carry out their assigned duty, such as cleaning the common area. They are welcome to stay warm and dry in our Resource Centre if they choose to.

From 10 am until 12:30 pm, Monday to Friday, we open our gates and everyone is welcome to join us in our Resource Centre to have something hot to eat or just have a hot drink and watch some TV in the company of others, as well as to access benefit Advice, Health, Resettlement support and external services (all by appointment) between 10 am and 3 pm.

Our Resource Centre gates close at 12:30 pm so that anyone that wants to can join in with one of our focused afternoon classes. Normally these are GCL meeting on Mondays, pranic healing on Tuesdays, CSCS class on Wednesdays, cooking on Thursdays and acupuncture service on Fridays, though we occasionally make arrangements for special events or meetings.

To those people in need of food, the Resource Centre is opened for them at 2:15 pm for food parcel collection. We close the Resource Centre at 4 pm for the day.

At 4 pm, clients that are residents with us can return to their room if they want to or they can watch TV, play video games, and chat in the common area.

An evening meal is served at 6 pm with the residents having the evening free to spend as they wish before it's time for bed no later than 1 am during the week and 2 am on Friday and Saturday nights. 


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