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Our Health Team work with people in a holistic way to offer support and guidance in managing all areas of an individual's health and well-being.

We can provide appointments to see a GP for clients that are street homeless so that medical conditions that would otherwise remain untreated can be addressed. 

Other services including access to a chiropodist and counselling are also available through appointments with the team.

The Health Team also work closely with clients using the services at Crawley open House to work to towards better mental health so that people suffering from homelessness, social isolation or any other challenging situation can find a way to cope more effectively. 

They also work closely with people suffering with mental illness and or alcohol and substance misuse to help people move forward on their path to recovery.

We also have a number of Outreach Workers who can provide support and guidance to people in the community who are at risk of being considered anti-social or who need help to prevent them from becoming homeless. Our new TAP Outreach Worker also provides an intensive support programme to individuals displaying challenging and complex behaviours. 

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