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This year we had an amazing Christmas here at Crawley Open House. 

We held a Christmas party for all of the clients with delicious food, a fantastic raffle and an unforgettable 'Crawley Open House Has Got Talent' show. On Christmas Day we provided a three course Christmas meal to over sixty people. All the Day Centre users, and the residents, got a selection of gifts and we provided gifts for people to give to their loved ones. In the community we gave out food parcels to those in need to ensure that everyone had food to eat and every parcel had a sweet treat added to bring a little festive cheer. We even gave out presents to all of our four legged friends that we met along the way too!

Everything we did was made possible by your kindness, your generosity and your support. Every bit of food given out was given to us in the first place. Every warm coat, scarf and wooly hat was provided by you. The turkey, the vegetables, the pigs in blankets and even the crackers on the table - all from you. Without your help, we cannot do the work we do and we are so grateful that you helped us to give Christmas to those who would have had nothing. 

Christmas is behind us now for this year but the new year lies ahead. We face many challenges in our work of helping others, not least the planned cuts to our funding by West Sussex County Council. If you would like to stand by our side, and the side of those in need, not just at Christmas but for the difficult times ahead then we'd ask you to consider becoming 1 in 1000 by giving £10 per month

Thank you. 

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