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Gems of Faith are a Gem for the Homeless & Disadvantaged

Gems of Faith in Broadfield are a group of friends that have been on a mission since 2014 looking for good causes to assist in the local area and around the world. They have had many opportunities to help the most vulnerable by providing different services to the unbearable suffering that individuals have faced on a daily basis, from hunger humiliation and poverty. Gem Of faith continues to serve humanity today as a registered charity.

Gems of faith endeavours to help any good cause that has suffered injustice, poverty, neglect, loss and hardship and to help rebuild the lives of those that have been affected by natural disasters or poverty. Everyone has the right to live a healthy safe life.

Gems of faith has been blessed to have had many opportunities over the years to help serve humanity through hosting numerous fundraising events, with the help of generous donations from the public. Their charity is dedicated to working even harder to serve humanity and the most vulnerable in society, especially through these testing times in the pandemic.

They provide walk-in advice or information services and can signpost you to the correct place to get assistance with problems people may be struggling with.

Their drop-in centre is a safe place to come for people who feel isolated and need a support group and their services can do much to alleviate the isolation people feel. The centre also provides a range of health and wellness workshop which are designed to encourage healthy and positive lifestyles.

At Crawley Open House, we'd like to say a huge thank you to Mahalaqa and all at Gems Of Faith - Drop in centre for bringing delicious prepared evening meals to Open House for the residents for the last 10 days of Ramadan.

Your kindness and generosity are massively appreciated.

Find the centre at Broadfield community Centre, Crawley, West Sussex. RH11 9BA or contact for appointments. on 0300 302 0410. See

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