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Two Point Six Challenge

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Crawley Open House needs your help

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect with the cancellation of thousands of events and the huge loss of income through fundraising events.

The Virgin Money London Marathon alone, which should have taken place on Sunday 26 April, is the world’s biggest one-day fundraising event.

Many charities have had to reduce or stop services at a time when vulnerable members of society need them most; thousands of staff have been placed on furlough and many charities will not survive the next few months.

You can help

Join the country and do the 2.6 Challenge to help Crawley Open House.

How can you get involved?  The 2.6 Challenge can be any activity you like, from running 2.6 miles to holding an online workout with 26 of your friends. You can do anything! Need inspiration? See below for more ideas. Whatever your age or ability, you can take part. After all, we’re not looking for superheroes. We’re looking for Home Heroes.

Choose your #TwoPointSixChallenge, head to ‘donate or fundraise’ buttons, then complete your challenge.

Some ideas...

  • Do 26 press-ups – or 260

  • Get 26 pals together for an online workout – for 26 minutes

  • Complete 26 keepie-uppies or headers

  • Complete 26 laps of the garden on foot, scooter or roller skates

  • Hula hoop 26 times

  • Jump 26 times on a trampoline

  • Skip for 2.6 minutes without making a mistake

  • Try 26 sofa-triceps dips

  • Hold the plank for 26 seconds or 2.6 minutes (that’s 156 seconds!)

  • Stretch with 26 minutes of pilates or yoga

  • Do 26 cartwheels

  • Juggle for 26 minutes (or maybe 2.6 minutes – or just 2.6 seconds!)

  • Take your dog for a 26 minute walk

  • Put on some music and dance for 26 minutes

  • Hop on each leg 26 times

  • Complete 26 shoulder shrugs

  • Run up and down your front path 26 times

  • Bike ride for 2.6 miles or kms

  • Run 2.6 miles or kms (indoors, outdoors or on the spot!)

  • Throw and catch a ball 26 times

  • Walk 2.6km (that’s 3,412 steps!) around your house (in fancy dress if you like!)

  • Do some gardening for 26 minutes

  • Walk up and down your stairs 26 times

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