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MEET OUR STAFF - Sainey Jallow

1. Who are you and what did you do before you joined us at Crawley Open House? 

I am Sainey Jallow. I worked at the Poppins Restaurant in East Grinstead.

2. How will you help our clients in your current position? 

As a resettlement outreach worker, I try and find accommodation for the clients in the move on houses. I take them to appointments and support the as needed.


3. Are you originally from Crawley? How did you hear about COH? 

No, I am from The Gambia, and came to the UK almost 20 years ago, but I have lived in the surrounding areas. My family donates once in a while and that’s how I heard about COH.

4. Why choose to work at COH? 

I like to help people and I am emphatic towards the less fortunate. 


5. What were some of your expectations before joining COH? 

I came with an open mind.


6. What are some of the goals you would like to achieve at COH? 

I would live to provide very client we have at our move on houses a permanent accommodation. That is my gaol.


7. Like at any job, working at COH can become stressful sometimes, so what do you do for fun?  

I like to read, bit lately I have taken to listening to audible. I  have taken up gardening and I find it relaxing. 

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