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1. Who are you and what did you do before you joined us at Crawley Open House?

Hi I’m Joanna and I used to work at ASDA.


2. How will you help our clients at your current position?

I think I will likely help them with welfare and support when they are feeling low checking that they are taking care of themselves, i.e eating and personal hygiene and making the most of the facilities available i.e. making appointments on their behalf and reminding them of appointments.

3. Are you originally from Crawley? How did you hear about COH?

I used to live here I heard about it in Bromley from a social worker.


4. Why choose to work at COH?

Crawley open house is the best.


5. What were some of your expectations before joining COH?

That it would be great and it is.


6. What are some of the goals you would like to achieve at COH? 

Malcolm just asked me to do a monthly newspaper about Crawley Open House and so that’s my new goal.


7. Like at any job, working at COH can become stressful sometimes, so what do you do for fun?

I like art and just got a fancy coffee machine. Sometimes I play the piano.

Meet Our Staff - Joanna.png
resource centre-2_by_Jo.jpg

A sketch of our Resource Centre by Joanna

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