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1. Who are you and what did you do before you joined us at Crawley Open House? 

Mark Barry, I worked at Gatwick for 30 years, then semi-retired and worked in Tesco, HMPS and secure mental health hospital. 


2. How will you help our clients at your current position?

By trying to engage with our clients to find a better path to tread.


3. Are you originally from Crawley? How did you hear about COH? Originally from South London, heard about COH through work.


4. Why choose to work at COH?

Because I wanted to help people who shared a similar experience to me.


5. What were some of your expectations before joining COH?

That I would be working alongside people with shared values.


6. What are some of the goals you would like to achieve at COH?

To become more skilled in dealing with street homeless and people suffering from addiction. 

7. Like at any job, working at COH can become stressful sometimes, so what do you do for fun?

I box and workout at the gym 7 times a week also help run a men’s support group.

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