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Funding Update: Good News and Bad News

West Sussex County Council has extended Crawley Open House's funding till the end of September 2019.

Whilst we are appreciative of the financial support that this funding gives us, it only guarantees our services for another six months.

Our 24 bed hostel is staffed 24 hours a day to ensure that those who have just come off the street get the help, support and encouragement they need.

Our advice, resettlement and health teams give our residents and those who are street homeless services which no other organisation offers. Our outreach team is on the streets of Crawley giving guidance, help and support to those who, for any reason, are sleeping rough.

But all this costs money.

We are incredibly grateful to the many companies, individuals and community organisations who help raise funds for us and donate essential items to help us run our services. Crawley Borough Council continues to work very closely with us, and of course we are very grateful for the funding West Sussex County Council is providing until September this year. But after September, our future is uncertain.

Our campaign ‘Be 1 in 1000’ encourages everyone to sign up to donate £10 a month, which will help plug the hole left by the cuts to our funding from West Sussex County Council. The campaign has started well, but we are still a long way from 1000 regular donors. Could you “Be 1 in 1000” and give £10 a month? If you can, please sign up by clicking on

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