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Thank you The Bat and Ball Country Pub and Haywards Restaurant

This from the Bat and Ball The Bat Country Pub and Haywards Restaurant

"We’re delighted to share with you an idea that’s been brewing on the back burner, and that is s now coming to fruition.

Crawley Open House provides support and services for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness or discrimination. So, on Monday 23rd December, we are delighted to be taking some of our team across to the Crawley Open House, to produce and serve lunch there.

We are more than aware that random acts of kindness are by no means to be disregarded but what we’d like to do, is go one step further and offer ongoing help wherever we can. So we did a little research and found on their website some great ideas of little things that might make a big difference on the run-up to Christmas. We did wonder that perhaps these were things that not only our team but also you the general public might be interested in getting involved with as well.

For example, they have just launched their Operation Santa appeal, and one of the ideas on this link was the “reverse advent calendar”. It’s such a simple way of getting together a few items each time you visit the supermarket, that would help anyone in this situation, not least over the Christmas period.

Here at the Bat and Ball, our boxes are already starting to fill, but you can never have too much of a good thing. So how about if you’re visiting us throughout December bringing along something on the list and we’ll then assemble the boxes and deliver them to the Open House on the 23rd.

As I say, this is just one way to help, but equally, we’d be happy to transport across warm clothing, sleeping bags, duvets or blankets. Do check out their website, this is a dedicated team of people doing an ongoing great job for those that find themselves in this situation."

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