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Homelessness turned man into a vegan with dreams of own organic soap business

It was only when Roger Bullock lived in a tent after becoming homeless that he realised his previous life didn't reflect who he truly was.

Sleeping on the ground, night after night, made him feel closer to the planet.

For 15 years, Roger lived a life that he eventually realised wasn't meant for him. Running a successful business, and living in a detached house with a wife and two children, life was good.

But then it all began to fall apart, and Roger ended up losing everything. Eighteen months ago Roger, now 53, got in his car and drove to Cornwall, looking for work.

He failed, ran out of money and ended up on the streets.

Roger says that his story begins in childhood, growing up in the Midlands back in the 1970s. He felt unloved by his parents, and generally disliked by others.

"I grew up without a father, he was in a band so he played in the clubs at night and was never around," Roger said. "I was never really close to him or my mother. She didn’t really talk a lot, she was a very detached and quiet person. All she used to do was knit jumpers.

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