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The reality of life in Hull's Myton Bridge homeless camp

The homeless camp under Myton Bridge in Hull is growing, with new people coming and going from the area each week.

Piled up clothes, tents, rubbish and even a mattress are heartbreakingly strewn under the bridge in Hull city centre.

According to two homeless men that have been staying nder the bridge for more than a week with a third man, being there is "better than living in a hostel" even though they admit it "is no life".

The men, who did not want to be named, told Hull Live: "It's not living is it, how we are camped up here, it's more existing but at least we are sheltered and it's better for us than staying in the hostels.

"We have been on the streets for years as the hostels are just full of drugs and people that rob you for all you've got.

"There are no needles here and nobody pushing any of the gear on us like in hostels and we can just come and go as we please.

"People passing by have been nice to us as well, bringing us food and blankets and that to help us stay warm.

"Nobody has tried to move us on yet and we're going to try and stay here for as long as we can."

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