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Couple who lost home in fire saved from a homeless Christmas by housebuilder

A devastating fire in November left Elaine Sandford, 33 and Jack Nichol, 27 without a home. It was a home they were planning to leave, but there were still several months before they could officially move into their new three-bedroom semi-detached house at Woodgate, Pease Pottage.

When directors at Woodgate-developer Thakeham discovered the couple’s plight, they reallocated resources to fast track the building work of the reserved plot. The team effort meant that the couple could move in almost three months before their new home was officially due for completion. In an historic milestone for the Woodgate development, on December 20, Elaine and Jack became the first residents to move into their new home – barely a month after the fire.

New homeowner Elaine said: “We are so grateful for Thakeham speeding up the process and making sure we could have a new home that we love in time for Christmas. We knew there was a lot to do but hoped the move-in date could be brought forward. We thought that it might be possible to move in a month or so earlier than planned, but when Thakeham told us that they’d be able to get us in for Christmas; it was like a dream come true.

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