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It's 2.6 Challenge Day!

Big thanks to Sean Louw and all at SoldierFit Tilgate Park who've taken part in the 2.6 Challenge today....

They've raised funds by providing a great community based workout using a SoldierFit Zoom class at 10am this morning,

THE SOLDIERFIT 260 REP CHALLENGE with all proceeds donated to the support the homeless and disadvantaged.

Thank you Sean and everyone who took part!

Thank you so much to Emily and Linda.....

"Myself and my Mum are going to be walking 2.6 miles for 6 consecutive days from the 26th of April for the 2.6 Challenge supporting Crawley Open House. It's not an extravagant challenge I have come up with but in this uncertain time, charities like Crawley Open House really need our support to keep going and to help the most vulnerable members of our society. Please kindly donate where you can, whether it's £1 or £10!

Thanks so much for your time. Stay safe!

Emily & Linda"

Congratulations to Max who has just completed 26 laps (2.9 miles) of his close in 47 minutes and 25 seconds. Thank you to all Max’s neighbours that came out and sponsored him.

Huge thanks to Nathan Wilkins...

"As part of the ”2.6 Challenge”, I’m cycling 26km 6 times over the space of a week for Crawley Open House. It’s an incredible charity that supports some of the most vulnerable people around us, which has never been more important than at a time like this. Please consider donating even just a few pounds to support their vital work!"

Thanks so much to David Guiel who’s been raising money for the homeless and disadvantaged by running in a Dinosaur costume...Thank you David!

Thanks to all the Milton Mount Community Choir who are singing 26 songs via zoom!

Congratulations to Daniel who has kicked his ball 26 times in 2 minutes 26 seconds.

Our Ian has done the challenge (despite the shirt) doing 26 keepy uppies, 26 times over... for Crawley Open House

"Pauline's 2.6 challenge - Dribbling a football around obstacles in garden for Crawley Open House because They do an amazing job for the homeless" A huge thanks to Pauline Maddocks x

Our Chair of Trustees, James has done a 26 hour fast to raise money for the homeless and disadvantged and hasn't long to go till the end of his fast! He has raised £1,340 so far, an amazing amount for our #TwoPointSixChallenge.

This is so cute! 3 year old Ayla ran around her car park 26 times to raise money for Crawley Open House

Thank you Ayla! x


The amazing Noah has this afternoon and tomorrow, Monday 27th April, contributed his 2.6 Challenge for Crawley Open House.

He is doing 6 activities, 26 times! 26 Cycling circuits 26 Scooting Circuits TKD pattern Do San (24 moves) plus 2 extra moves = 26 moves 26 catches 26 bike ramp jumps (Varying heights) on his bike. 26 goal saves.

Thanks so much Noah!

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