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The following is a true account, the name has been changed.


James had a very troubled home life. From a very young age, he used 

illegal substances, including Class A drugs and was in and out of trouble

with the Police for a number of years.

He had been sleeping rough on and off in various places across West

Sussex for over six years when friends of his told him to come into

our Day Centre. James remembers the day well.


"I was scared to first come in and ask for help. But as soon as I walked

through the door, I was greeted with a smile, a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Even though my instinct was to get up and walk out, through fear of making a change, I stayed and talked to Clare, the resettlement lady. There we no bed spaces at Open House as they were full, but she called around lots of organisations to get me somewhere to stay that night. She got me a bed in Chichester and got me there that afternoon. The next day, she contacted me through the Chichester shelter and offered me a bed space at Crawley Open House for at least a month. I couldn't believe my luck. They sorted out my benefits, my feet were badly infected and a chiropodist sorted my feet in the hostel and it was the first time I had three meals a day for years.  


Within three weeks, Clare had found me a flat share in Sussex. I'm now holding down a job and I owe it all to Crawley Open House."



You can help people like James.


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