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The following is a true account, the name has been changed.



Linda was aged 67 when she was made homeless. She had no family, 

no friends who were in a position to help and was sleeping in her car.


Linda, through her own admission, was too proud to ask for help. But a 

member of the public called Crawley Open House, worried about her 

welfare. Our Outreach Team spoke to her and encouraged her to accept 

help and a bed space in her hostel. 


She had no savings, no money and her car was only worth a few 

hundred pounds, so nowhere near enough money for a deposit and rent in advance for a new home.


During her stay in our hostel, we helped her sort her pension and benefit issues and she saved enough money to get a deposit with one of our partner organisations. She now is living happily in a one bedroom flat in the local area.

Linda said "I was too proud to accept any help from anyone, I never thought I would be homeless, but it can happen to anyone. When I realised that accepting help wasn't a bad thing, the team at Open House helped and supported me every step of the way. The work they do is wonderful and I cannot be more grateful." 


You can help people like Linda. 


Click here to support Crawley Open House.

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