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The following is a true account, the name has been changed.


Jemma had been sleeping rough for five months when a friend of hers

contacted Crawley Open House to see if we could help her.


After her marriage fell apart, Jemma sofa surfed with friends for a while

as she had no family to support her. After her friends moved, she

resortedto sleeping rough just outside Crawley. 


Worried about her deteriorating health, our Outreach Team persuaded 

Jemma to come in and see our Resettlement team in our Day Centre. 


Jemma accepted a bed space at Crawley Open House and received treatment through our GP to tackle her health issues. After staying six weeks in our hostel, Jemma moved into her own flat in Kent. Now fully recovered she has met a new partner and is looking for a new job.


Jemma said "I was in a very dark place when Open House found me, the advice and support they gave me, gave me hope that I could get my life back together. They gave me the chance to start my life again and I could not be happier."


You can help people like Jemma. 


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